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Durable programs


Our programs are divided in 3 different topics : 


Share : Oregon program insures we share our used and unsold products in poor areas to develop the sport. From Burkina Faso to Madagascar, we want to share a bit of happiness to the people in need. 


Recycle : Oregon continues to recycle the broken carbon sticks in a specialized factory which allows to reintroduce, in another cycle of production, carbon which composed a product arrived at the end of life.


Preserve : We try to preserve our home planet with small actions. Try to ban plastics, make some durable products with the best materials, use recycled cardboard boxes are part of what we are doing. Each year, we try to reduce our footprint in every actions we do even if it is not always easy. It's a challenge we love to take up each year.  


It's not about words, it's about actions.