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This is the story of a young hockey fan who took two friends under his wing to create the Oregon brand. Hungry for new sensations and travel, the 3 young people are inspired to draw the contours of their project. It is in a small apartment in Brussels that the first Oregon sticks come out of the shadows. The Oregon hockey brand was born soon after inspired by the natural American state of Oregon.

It is distinguished from other brands by its innovation, indeed, it places the concept of sustainability at the center of its concerns. Oregon is also highlighting a unique model of top quality products, as well as a young and fresh style that is well suited to all ages. These elements will become the 3 pillars of the brand: sustainability, perfomance & lifestyle.

Gradually, the brand will make its place in the world of field hockey. Currently, it is distributed internationally in more than 15 countries. She is also fortunate to be able to expand her high performance athletes each year.

Oregon is created by hockey players for hockey players.



PERFORMANCE We produce conscious and premium products in order to play whatever your level is from beginners to elite players. We close from the players we support. Our knowledge in field hockey and the feedback of our top players make Oregon a brand at the top of the technology and technicity.

DURABILITY At Oregon, durability has become a part of everything we do. We have a responsibility to the sport we love, and to the people and environment that sustain it.Our commitment is to make Oregon as respected for our environmental and social impact as we are for our products. Our approach is durable.

LIFESTYLE We create trendy products with a fresh and young style. Our graphists create new sticks, bags, accessories or clothing in order to play with style.






Responsible manufacturing: Oregon program insures we take care of the working conditions in the factories in which we produce responsibly. 

Giving Back : Oregon continues to support awareness to countries in need of help to develop sport and more precisely field hockey such as Burkina Faso, Madagascar and many others. 


Recycling : Oregon continues to recycle the broken carbon sticks in a specialised factory which allows to reintroduce, in another cycle of production of a product, carbon which composed a product arrived at the end of life.

Replanting : We are working on a project which will allow us to replant trees all over the world. Indeed, we want to minimize our production traces and therefore contribute to counterbalance them with the planting of vegetation around the world.